#40 Days to the Cross

Christian worship is a pattern of rhythms. 

Revelation and Response.

Remembering and Anticipating.

This was true in the Old Testament, when God’s people would journey to the temple to worship and celebrate the Feasts, and it is true in the New Testament where we worship God as a Church – gathered or scattered.

The #40daystothecross journey is not necessarily a fast however, inevitably you will need to sacrifice time every day to complete your daily challenge. It is more than just a devotional challenge. It is a commitment to set our hearts on pilgrimage; to survey the beauty of the Christ, the Cross and the power of the Resurrection every single day.

For some who have undertaken the challenge before, it is a revisiting of old paths. For others, it will be a venture into something mysterious and a little scary. But regardless, we tarry with anticipation of God’s presence and inspiration. He is in the pages of our Bibles, between the lines of our journal entries, he is the whisper in the silence as we wait and the muse as we create.

Everyday, we will
Read – Reflect – Respond

Read the daily devotionals. Reflect and seek the Lord’s voice.There will be scripture, thoughts for devotions, videos to watch and music to soak to. Finally, Respond as you are led.

“Blessed are those whose strength is in you, whose hearts are set on pilgrimage.”
Psalm 84:5

WEEK 1: Return

Day 1 (Wed) – Ashes

Day 2 (Thu) – Ruins

Day 3 (Fri) – Prodigals

Day 4 (Sat) – Turn

Day 5 (Sun) – Hide

Day 6 (Mon) – Here

Day 7 (Tue) – Selah


WEEK 2: Resist

Day 8 (Wed) – Believe

Day 9 (Thu) – Wait

Day 10 (Fri) – Lean

Day 11 (Sat) – Delight

Day 12 (Sun) – Sing

Day 13 (Mon) – See

Day 14 (Tue) – Selah II: Drink


WEEK 3: Rest

Day 15 (Wed) – Child

Day 16 (Thu) – Lament

Day 17 (Fri) – Mercy

Day 18 (Sat) – Yoke

Day 19 (Sun) – Sabbath

Day 20 (Mon) – Storm

Day 21 (Tue) – Selah III: Enter

WEEK 4: Reach

Day 22 (Wed) – Pharisee

Day 23 (Thu) – Seekers

Day 24 (Fri) – Lepers

Day 25 (Sat) – Centurion

Day 26 (Sun) – Widow

Day 27 (Mon) – Legion

Day 28 (Tue) – Selah: Refresh


WEEK 5: Redeem

Day 29 (Wed) – Good

Day 30 (Thu) – Again

Day 31 (Fri) – Known

Day 32 (Sat) – Walk

Day 33 (Sun) – Delay

Day 34 (Mon) – Never

Day 35 (Tue) – Heaven


WEEK 6: Revive

Day 36 (Wed) – Helper

Day 37 (Thu) – Fruit

Day 38 (Fri) – Hate

Day 39 (Sat) – Sorrow

Day 40 (Sun) – Glorify


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