Passion2017: Friday [ Good ]


Nowadays, people call me Xaris but the first 25 years of my life, I went by Agatha – which means, “good”. And so, I was.

Agatha was a fairly good little girl. I was well-behaved and polite (a little too curious and talkative). My mum would only LOOK at me and I would know what to do (or what NOT to do). I was a very good student. I was always attentive in class and always helpful. I did my homework and projects all on my own. My parents never had to tell me to “study hard” because I always did. I was a good daughter and sister. I did my chores. I made sure my siblings didn’t get into trouble while the parents were away. I tried to be a good example. My parents never had to give me curfew because they trusted me.

I was even a good Christian. I read my Bible and did my daily devotions. I went to Church and took notes! I served and faithfully gave my tithes. I led worship and went on mission trips! Oh, I was good. But not all the time. 

The truth is, in private I was jealous and insecure person; vengeful and malicious in my thoughts and words. I was deceitful and unkind, a cheat and a liar. I was a deceiver and worse, I was a hypocrite. Oh, people thought I was good. I even thought I was good. But really, I was not good at all. 

One day, I saw Jesus hanging on the Cross, and it was then I realised: THIS was a good man, the only man who was truly good.

Jesus was good and not just in a superficial, duplicitous way. He was inherently good in all his ways – in thought and action, in word and in deed, in public or in private. He was good to his family and his followers; good to Jew and Samaritan alike. But there is no day where his goodness is best shown than on this day, Good Friday… when the God-man, the Good Man died.

Beaten and scorned, rejected and scourged, with a Cross for a throne and thorns for a crown. And yet, not one word of spite, not one word in anger, not even one word in His defence. But he did say one thing just before it was finished…

Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.

I never knew what was so good about Good Friday, it is good because on this day, the God-man, the only truly good man gave his life… for someone like me.

What is so good about Good Friday?
On this day, the Righteous One was condemned.
On this day, the Author of life was put to death.
On this day, the Perfect Lamb was sacrificed.
So that in his death, we would live a righteous life.

And now through grace, ours is the goodness of Christ
A fruit of the Spirit – “uprightness of heart and life,
For every good thing given, every perfect gift
Is from above — from the Father of lights.

Praise Him. For He is good!

Playlist: Oh the Power (Kari Jobe)

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